Marathon Fertilizer

Marathon All Season Fertilizer

After watering and mowing, the final step to a lush green lawn is fertilizer. Lawns require a regular program of high nitrogen fertilizer for leaf development. Fertilizers come in many different blends for many different purposes. Take a look at the fertilizer bag and find the numeric three digit code. The numbers represent what percentage of the product is nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium respectively. A lawn food should primarily consist of nitrogen and include some phosphorous and potassium. The Marathon All Season Fertilizer (24-2-4) consists of 24% nitrogen, 2% phosphorous, and 4% potassium and is a good choice for maintenance lawn feedings and get Instant Grassification®.

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Genuine Marathon rain gauge is also a measuring tool for the Marathon All Season Fertilizer.  We will gladly include one rain gauge FREE of charge with the purchase of fertilizer.