Genuine Marathon Sod Rain Gauge Sprinkler Cup and Fertilizer Scoop (Pack of 6)




Genuine Marathon Sod Rain Gauge Sprinkler Cup and Fertilizer Scoop is three in one yard multi-functional garden tool.  This durable poly cup is perfect to use as a rain gauge to measure precipitation between lawn watering and rainfall so not to overwater.  Most lawn problems are related to irrigation. The key to proper irrigation is to use this product with your existing sprinkler to capture and log an even amount of water in each cup.  Placing several randomly in your lawn will help you monitor and adjust sprinklers heads as needed.    Save money by scooping out the exact amount of fertilizer needed for your lawn, garden and houseplants of Marathon  All Season Fertilizer.  Each scoop measures out a 1/4LB of fertilizer to maximize the amount needed for your plants. When done they nest nicely in each other.

  • RAIN GAUGE. Farmers have been collecting rain to determine the amount of water needed for crops since the year 1414.  Urban farmers/homeowners can do the same to determine their plants needs.
  • SPRINKLER CUP. Lawns need even head-to-head coverage.  This sprinkler cup allows you to help calibrate your sprinkler system for even water coverage
  • FERTILIZE YOUR LAWN. Portion out the exact amount of Marathon All Season Fertilizer.  Four (4) full scoops equals 1LB of fertilizer which can feed your lawn, garden and houseplants!
  • HOW TO USE. Place several cups around your lawn, turn sprinklers on and time to measure 1 1/2″ of water. Divide the time by 3 and that’s how long your sprinklers should run 3 times per week.   In the summer, lawns only need 1 ½” of water per week, less in cooler months.  Uniform sprinkler coverage equals a green lawn. GRASS. It’s good for you, your family and the environment.

Special Features: Accurate measuring up to 2” of rain or sprinkler water, one scoopmeasures1/4LB of Marathon All Season LawnFertilizer, durable poly construction, nesting for easy storage,built-inspike to secure in ground, toll-free customer service hotline1-800-532-3489.

Color: Clear with green writing

Item Weight(approx.)16 grams

Quantity: Pack of 6


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