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Genuine Marathon II Premium Quality Lawn Seed, Dwarf Brand – Grass Seed – Southern California’s Most Popular.Easy to Grow.DIY – Green All Year-Round – The Professionals Choice for the Homeowner.Available in 1lb shaker canister & 5lb. tub.

  • Plant Type: Genuine Marathon II Premium Quality Lawn Seed tall fescue proprietary blend
  • Special Features: Weed Free, Zero – 0.00, Drought Tolerant
  • Color: Harvest Sand
  • Item Weight 1 Pound (450g)
  • Sunlight Exposure Full Sun up to 25% Shade Tolerant
  • Unit Count(approximately) 510/gram
  • Product Sowing Instructions – New Lawn: 1lb./100 square feet.
  • Product Sowing Instructions – Patching/Reseeding Lawn: 1 oz. per 5 square ft. with easy to use shaker top.

About this item

Marathon II is the perfect choice for Southern California homeowners who want a beautiful and easy to maintain lawn. An ideal balance for weekend lawn parties and activity, good injury recovery, and mowing between 2’’-3’’ with its medium/coarse texture that stays medium-dark green year round. Marathon II also provides excellent shade tolerance from full sun to 25%, making it the most popular choice among those looking for a low maintenance yet attractive lawn. Marathon II will give you peace of mind knowing that your yard will be both aesthetically pleasing and easy to care for all year long!

  • CONSERVES WATER. Genuine Marathon has an aggressive root system that naturally searches for water upwards of 16” into your soil.
  • HEAT TOLERANT. Developed specifically for Southern California dry Genuine Marathon handles the heat of the day.
  • GREEN YEAR-ROUND. Marathon II is a special blend of fescue which maintains is green color no matter the season. It won’t go dormant and turn brown in the winter. It’s always green.
  • FULL SUN UP TO 25% SHADE. Full sun is best for Genuine Marathon II but it can tolerate some shade up to 25%.
  • MARATHON II is the most popular choice of Southern California homeowners with its slightly more refined appearance and high durability.
  • 100% WEED FREE. If you’re looking for a lawn seed that is 100% weed free, look no further! Our seed is guaranteed to be free of any and all weeds. Other companies may claim their seeds are weed-free, but take a closer look at the labels and you’ll find they contain unwanted contaminants. In fact they brag they aren’t 100% weed free. With our seed, you can rest assured your lawn will stay lush and beautiful without the hassle of pesky weeds inside our seed!
  • GRASS. It’s good for you, your family and the environment.

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1 LB Can, 5 LB Bucket


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